04 September, 2006

Passage Down the Forth

Have final evening in pub, very mellow. Clare manages not to greet as she gives me the cocktail she's been promising since Friday (she's so emotional!:-). Get up in the morning, clean, tidy, pack bike. Have a delicious and leisurely lunch at McWhinnie's with chums, go and say cheerio to Ronnie, Nick and Julie at Craigencalt. A perfect day as the sun beats down. Reluctantly get on the bike and go to perform last-minute maintenance checks at Kev's garage (had to be some!), but they're simple and Kev helps lots. Ride off into the glorious sunshine, get on ferry. Sit there and realise the only thing I've forgotten can be easily remedied simply by just giving the keys to Ewen in Vilnius!

Relax - hmmm! It's been such a long time since I've done this! What is it I'm doing again? Why!?

Text from Ruth - 'put that beer down and get yourself on to the port side to wave at me!!' Eh? I haven't got a beer, I'm just sitting, relaxing in the sun. No sign of her, but wait - who's that on the road bridge? Was it Ruth? No response to text asking and I'm too shy to wave back in case it's not.

Andrew texts, he can see the boat from his train. Mo's waiting to wave. Ewen can see the ferry from his train. I can see his train going along between Aberdour and Burntisland. They're all at Nick and Julie's waiting to wave. Chris is even out in his boat!!! Madness! A flurry of texts - I can hardly see the view for reading them! I'm starting to . . . oh dear and I'm all alone, surrounded by uncaring strangers! Pathetic! Get hold of self!

With my binoculars, I can see Mo bouncing around like a mad thing outside her house. Now I can see Chris's boat, with my own flat in the background.

I can see figures on The Farr Balcony. A very welcome and strengthening text from Beverley. Chris asks me to wave for his camera. But the ferry's giving him too wide a berth. I'm filling up, waving and giggling and giggling and those nearby don't know why. Ronnie's waving from Tesco car park in Kirkcaldy. My last view of Kinghorn. It gets smaller and smaller behind the ferry.

Control, control and it's all over. Bar, glass of wine, relax - hmmmm . . .

Great send off guys. With chums like youse . . .

But the fear's immediately gone. Crazy thing these human emotions. The excitement's setting in. I've done it, I'm on the ferry and I've only forgotten to give Kev the garage keys!

Please take excellent care of one another. I can't wait to get this done and be home again, but it's all cool and I'm not going to rush it.

Special thanks to those who went a goodbye too far, and those who endured more than duty demanded. I think I've almost perfected my hugging technique! Need more with those taller than me though! Cheers for Friday night as well. If only I could remember more clearly! Blame the tequila! But no sorrow for singing - Karen the landlady seemed to like it!

Hope to see some of you out there!


At 05/09/2006, 22:11, Blogger Bayvoyeur said...

Not since the Queen Mary II majestically made her way down the River Forth a number of years ago have so many excited onlookers lined the river banks as were present yesterday evening to watch the Superfast ferry depart - a departure which marked the beginning of Micks Ewen-Macgregor-esque Round The World Mission to Boldy Go.

Emotion reached fever pitch as the stately sleek red arrow sped through the pinch between Inchkeith and Kinghorn, briefly accompanied by a flotilla of Chris on his yacht in entourage to the royal procession.

They say that such was the magic of the moment, Alexander the Third himself raised his weary head and waved Mick on his way, and certainly 7-month-old Ailsa was moved to utter her very first words standing on the Farr's balcony, when she clumsily blurted out "Good Luck Mick, come home soon!" - a sentiment echoed by many.

But time and tide wait for no biker, and as Mick sets off on his global pilgrimage, responding to his calling to spread his gospel of random acts of arbitrary kindness, those priviledged to witness the moment will look back with fondness and say "I was there!"

At 09/09/2006, 14:58, Anonymous Mo said...

Your descriptive style of writing leaves me wanting to hear more and wishing I was there, the previous blogger also has a fabulous prose.
It was a 'moment' for everyone who waved their adeuie's, and we'll all miss you, but hopefully that means lots of e-mails and blogs for you to read and respond to, thus keeping you close in our hearts 'till you get back. I'm goin to try like a bear to get out to you next spring/summer wherever you are.xxxx

At 09/09/2006, 15:59, Blogger Mick said...

Very flowery! That might open floodgates of endless overly descriptive drivel from me! Luckily I'm not sure I can afford the uplink time. A 'flotilla of Chris'? Ye big soft daftie! :-)

At 12/09/2006, 19:14, Anonymous Chris said...

For those of you who can't quite make Mick out in the ferry photo, his text back, when asked by the flotilla camera crew at 17.59, 13 Aug was "in red t-shirt
fwd of 1st lifeboat' - Ah...now you see him, just underneath the smoke-stack."


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