03 July, 2006

Here's the Plan

The Bike -

A 1981 BMW R65, which means it has a 650cc engine. I've owned it since May 1985 when it had done only 15,000 miles. Now it's done over 160,000 miles from Morocco to the North Cape of Norway (with my brother, Alf, who created this Blog, and his wife). It's just back from a 3800 mile test run around Europe which included Poland and Italy. I think I'm confident the bike can make it.

Another advantage of this model (which bikes of a similar age don't always have) is an excellent spares back up. Just about any spare part can be posted to me anywhere in the world.
It doesn't look too good on the outside but it's had all sorts of internal modifications from running on unleaded fuel, fitting new fork suspension springs and re-machining the bevel drive gears in the shaft drive (no chain!). I've fitted new Hepco and Becker 'Gobi' panniers which seem to look the part and performed well round Europe. There's also an extra-comfy seat which takes a bit of the strain out of lengthy mileages.

The Trip -
  • September 2006 - Head down Africa via Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique to South Africa.
  • Christmas time 2006 - Find a ship (preferably a large yacht but a freight ship will do!) going to South America and jump on, after asking permission to board.
  • January 2007 - Depending where I land, head South if Tierra del Fuego's close enough or North, if it isn't.
  • March/April 2007 - Get a boat from Venezuala to Cuba (avoiding the impassable Darien Gap) and then to Mexico.
  • June 2007 - Ride up to California and get another boat, hopefully to New Zealand.
  • August/September 2007 - A boat to Australia, and then to Singapore to make my way up the Malaysian peninsula into India. There's a ferry from Mumbai to Mombasa if there's too much nonsense going on in the Middle East, or maybe I can go around to the north.
  • March/April 2008 - Arrive back home in Scotland.
Anyone I know living anywhere along the route can expect a visit, and if anyone knows anyone else who might provide accommodation and a place to re-organise, I'm collecting addresses now!

I know I'll get occasionally tired of my own company so I've decided to stick as closely as possible to the Fife school holidays, heading for more interesting parts whenever the holidays loom. In this way I intend to become a mobile holiday destination. I'll meet anyone at the nearest available airport with a hire vehicle and accommodation arranged according to your needs. Please let me know if you fancy a trip somewhere different. It would be a real boost for morale to see a familiar face.

Welcome to the 'Blog'. Feel free to ask questions and add comments.

Best things, Mick


At 06/08/2006, 11:27, Blogger alf said...

Great start to the 'real' blog. The text is just a tad wee for my ancient eyes though. Not a big drama, since I know ho w ot adjust it to readable size. Others may not though.


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