28 August, 2006

Ready to go . . .

I leave in three days and things are almost under control. The million and one things I had to remember are down to about a thousand and one now, so there's far less to panic about. Quite looking forward to getting away, if only because anything I forget or am unable to do can only be regretted, instead of worried about.

I mused just yesterday how there are so many people facilitating this and they deserve sincere thanks. Without going into names and titles (you know who you are!) I am deeply thankful for the career break itself; for all the encouragement and advice; for technical help with the bike, and the extreme technology (the iPod, website, phone and digi-cam); for the great days out leading up to leaving; for last Friday night; for the addresses of friends and relatives around the world, given and promised; for all those looking after the (mainly broken!) toys left behind; for keeping an eye on the finances; for all those asking "are you no' away yet?"; for the address of the man who can tell me whether I can get through Libya; and for anyone who keeps up and wants to come and visit me on the way round. I couldn't have done very much at all without all this support. My appreciation of so many wonderful people is fairly boundless and leaves me misty-eyed so I'll stop before I start to blub! Basically I'm fair humbled by the incredible kindness and consideration of those I'm so fortunate to have around me!

I'm just about to pack the PC away so postings will be unpredictable from now on. I'll do my best. Thanks also, for taking the time to read this. The more comments the better - and please keep e-mailing with news. I need to keep up too!


At 28/08/2006, 11:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mick,
at last I have connected with your BLOG. You are going to have such an amazing time- you know that we would love to come with you, however, not at this time.
Enjoy- can't wait to hear all your amazing stories- you could write a book about it???
Look after you
C and I xxxx
radio wins hands down!

At 28/08/2006, 16:30, Blogger Mick said...

I know, but I still wish you could come. I could maybe write a wee comic! If you get the chance, fly out and meet me someplace exciting! Wireless just sounds better, more relaxed. :-) You two take excellent care of each other.

At 28/08/2006, 18:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time L xxxxx


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