20 November, 2007

Please . . ?

I heard about this from Will and James back in South America but I never had enough time to set it up. Now I'm now holed up in the cool of an internet cafe in Kuala Lumpur and I've found out how to do it.
I wanted to do it before I left (why not - if somebody can benefit?) but never managed to make the time. The AMH recommends a two-year planning period before coming away on a trip as long as this. Of course I didn't read that until after my boss very kindly said I could go! I had just 8months to spare. Then there was work and lots of other "more important things" to think about - like school and the children's Reports.
So I took comfort from the Spike Milligan quote and relaxed. Also I never honestly thought I'd make it anywhere near this far, a thought with which I'm sure many of you will sympathise!
So, if you're at all impressed by the achievement of the old bike (I just sit there and enjoy the scenery), if the blog has entertained, interested, provoked argument or just provided you with the opportunity of remembering how brilliant a place was when you were last there, then please, give a little bit of your very hard-earned (quick before the Xmas shopping starts!) to the Red Cross.
They do a great job, they don't hang about interfering afterwards and they don't judge. They just get in, clear up messes with whatever resources we can give them and then leave the local populace to their own lives after helping them get as close as possible back to where they were beforehand. They do natural disasters as well as wars and all manner of unpleasant things in between.
Get your credit card out and then you can easily contribute by just clicking on the icon to your right. Please do. Thanks. Oh, and I don't get a penny - I promise.


At 10/12/2007, 09:51, Blogger Tom Morton said...

Hallo Mick
Good to know you're listening while on an R65 in a'the airts...looks more comfortable than the R65LS I had.
all the best from Radio Scotland and have a great Christmas.


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